Saturday, February 26, 2011

Madexx, the Therapeutic Scorpid.

He is for me, at least. I've been having a very, very horrible morning and my stress levels are pretty much through the roof to the point where my chest is tightening and I'm on the verge of a panic attack. Pretty much, I just want to find a dark cave and crawl into it to hide myself from the world.

I haven't had much sleep for the past two days because of shitty weather and other things, but I won't go into that since that's not what this post is about since this is supposed to be a blog about Warcraft pets, after all.

Since I was woken up early, I got on earlier than usual and it was a few minutes before dailies would reset, so I decided to fly around Uldum, and out of habit, I flew over the Sekhet Wastes while mousing over the red dots there, and Madexx happened to be up and he was black this time. The only other hunter in Uldum was 83, a level too low, so I landed and tamed him not only because I didn't want him killed, but because I just couldn't believe that I'd run into him again so soon.

Welcome to my stables, Sulik.

This is the second time he's been there for me when I've been feeling like my life's falling apart, the first was when Fallout, my bronze, came into my life. Antares, my blue, I happened to trip over by sheer luck, but she's as special to me as Fallout and Sulik are and she'll always be equal with them. Lots of people over on the Petopia forums call Madexx a special scorpid, and I've always believed them, and I definitely do now because it's true.


  1. Madexx loves you! :D I've not seen him attach himself to someone quite like this before, showing himself in multiple colors when you need him the most.

    He's a good lil' guy. ^_^

  2. I'm still dumbfounded that he does, believe me! @_@ Back when I actively searched for him, he never appeared at all. Scorpions are one of my favorite bugs RL so that may have something to do with it, too. The only other rare who's ever looked out for me like this was Loque'nahak.

    You know what's odd? Now that I have Sulik, I don't feel that big an urge to have a swarming guardian anymore on anyone even though I love that skin (I love all the glowy-eyed kitties). Though I'm going to have to step back and take a good look at Toph's stables and probably end up making some sacrifices. Who knows if I'll ever end up running into green and red like this, y'know?