Friday, July 29, 2011

A Return Home and a New Friend


This all happened last night, but by the end of it all, I was way too tired to write anything, so that's why I am now. *blows dust off this thing* Near the end of last week, I ended up making one of the biggest mistakes of my life when it came to Toph's pets. I ended up releasing her vargul blighthound, Trailblaze, because I'd been angry at her for something I later realized wasn't her fault at all.

First mistake: I'd forgotten that Trailblaze is kind of a scardy cat when it comes to her personality.
Second mistake: I didn't have Teufel, my devilsaur, in my active party, and she always draws her courage from him.

I released her in Moonglade, which is where Toph had ICly been living at the time, and I thought nothing more of it as I went back to the Front in preparation to camp for Karkin which ended up not only being unsuccessful, but it was absolute hell for me to the point where I gave up due to griefers and a GM who screwed me over not once, but twice.

I then knew at least part of why my luck had turned utterly horrible: Teufel was mad at me for releasing Trailblaze in such an unfair manner as I had and he had somehow asked both Skarr and Karkin to teach me a very painful lesson. Though I'd successfully rehomed Skarr a handful of times over the weekend, on Monday morning, he had been in a particularly foul mood and ended up getting himself killed by an orc warrior. Apparently, he was the one who'd cursed me with my horrible luck, because I was griefed twice later that same day and later that night by the same draenei hunter. I submitted a ticket along with my good friend and a new hunter friend I'd made the night before oping that justice would end up served.

Not so.

After my griefing ticket had been screwed over, I tried submitting another asking for the restoration of Trailblaze since not only did I hope that bringing her back home would end my week of hell, but I was also missing her terribly because she'd been with me ever since Wrath, back when she and the rest of her kind originally thought of themselves as wolves before they finally realized what they truly were after The Shattering.

My ticket was finally answered last night... by the same damned GM who screwed me over again.

If not for Kalliope's quick thinking, I honestly would've quit the game last night because I was so pissed off and felt cheated. I was practically in tears as I kept telling her that I'd practically lost all faith in Blizzard (save for one certain person). She told me that she'd submitted her own ticket on the matter of my lost dog, and I had no idea if that would honestly work or not, and I don't know if it was out of anger or what, but I mentioned trying to take Teufel with me back to Zul'Drak in order to look for Trailblaze ourselves because she hadn't been restored.

The first hurdle was still to come though: Teufel. I'd been terrified of trying to take him out of the stable since last week, but Kalli told me to try, which I did after I'd worked up enough courage to face him.

He... wasn't mad at me. He was just upset and worried about Trailblaze, and that realization made me burst in to tears all over again. We then went to where I knew vargul blighthounds liked to hang out, while on Dethicus (sp?), Kalli was helping me look. Teufel kept ignoring every blighthound I'd stop to look at, and when one attacked me, he killed it without any hesitation because none of them were Trailblaze. Kalli then told me she found a blighthound she'd never seen before, on the border to Crystalsong Forest near the steps, so I headed over there.

Teufel's eyes were practically glued to this blighthound, and I started getting a feeling of recognition, though I was still unsure. Then the devilsaur emote involving stomping the ground came up, which rarely ever does, and I knew that he was trying to get her attention. He did, and she turned and the two of them were looking at each other for a good minute before she turned away and began pacing again. All this time, Teufel had been completely silent, and he's never quiet. But when he and this blkighthound looked at each other for as long as they had, I finally knew... that this was Trailblaze.

I told Teufel to stay back before I tried to coax Trailblaze to come back home, and she bounced towards me before slowing herself to a walk the last few steps. She bit Toph pretty hard which I took to be her telling me "Don't you ever do that to me again." and I promised her that I wouldn't, and she leant against Toph in forgiveness. It didn't take long for her to return to her hyper, bouncy self, and Taufel was ecstatic that she was finally home, because he started roaring his head off like he always does. I told myself I'd never separate them ever again because of how much they care for each other even though they're not the same species. I, of course, thanked Kalli for her hand in helping me get my girl back, and I know I'll never be able to make it up to her.

 I caught the zeppelin to Undercity to check the fishing and cooking dailies for the ones I hadn't done yet. The fishing daily ended up being Tadpole Terror, which is one I needed, so I  took Blaze down to the lake so we could spend some time together... while her constant barking and bouncing scared away the fish.


I eventually got the daily done, though, and since I was in the Eastern Kingdoms, I remembered that I'd told Kalliope that if I was ever on that continent, I'd go pay Chitter a visit because I'd yet to see him in the game.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

After arriving in Chiselgrip, I flew down to Redridge, and Kalli told me where to find Chitter, and I responded that I'd come down from the north. She told me Chatter hung out in the north near Lakeshire, so I decided to go pay him a visit first, but unfortunately, he was asleep since it was pretty late. I proceeded to head to where Kalli told me I could find Chitter -- and he was there by his little tree!

Trailblaze and I sat there watching him for a bit while Kalli and I were talking about how adorable he was and how Trailblaze was actually calm for once since she'd never seen anybody as hyperactive as herself before. Then... it happened. I started thinking about walking out of Redridge with Chitter (and Kalli was no help in this, either XD), but my active party was full, so I flew out to Bogpaddle and stabled Jada before returning to find Chitter still running about. After telling Trailblaze to stay back, I talked Chitter into going home with me, and I nicknamed him Sugar not only because of how hyper he is but because of his endearing personality.

Even though I absolutely love tarantulas off the game, in game, I'd never tamed one on any of my hunters, and as Kalli said: I just needed to find the right tarantula, and I finally have. Welcome to my stables, Sugar.

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  1. *tears up all over again* Orpheus and I are honored to have helped bring Trailblaze home! I've never seen Orph so diplomatic before.

    *grin* Chitter chooses who he goes home with; I had nothing to do with it! :D *hugs Sugar* Such a sweetie!